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18 August 2018

Stacking the Shelves #48

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews and co-hosted by Reading Reality. It’s all about sharing the latest books I've added to my shelves; may it be physical or virtual. I include books I borrow from the library, audiobooks, gifts and of course eBooks. All book title links will direct you to Goodreads.

This week I visited two different book stores in Denver and didn't purchase any books (gasp). After my book buying ban I made the decision to be more selective on which physical books I would add to my shelves. Today I’m sharing the following:

eBooks added to Kindle:

Pitch Please (There's No Crying in Baseball #1) by Lani Lynn Vale
This book wasn’t for me, I really should have dnf’ed it. The couple had almost no meaningful conversations with each other. Honestly, I didn’t care for the writing and after reading it I was surprised by the numerous 5-star ratings. Thank goodness I didn’t pay full price for it!

Rush (Gods #2) by Samantha Towle
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time by Kylie Scott

Books/Audiobooks I borrowed from the library: 

Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage
Beyond Reach (Grant County #6) by Karin Slaughter
A five-star read for me. Oh, my goodness, the very last page, what an ending. Throughout the series I didn’t care for Lena, but in this book when she protected Sara at her uncle’s house, I liked her a little more.

It's Always the Husband by Michele Campbell
I listened to this on audiobook format, the narrator January LaVoy kept the story interesting. The first half was a little slow and boring, the second half was when it all came together and became interesting. The ending wasn’t very surprising, I figured it out early on.

Have you read any of the books I have listed? I would like to hear what you thought of them. 

Until next week, happy reading.


  1. I don't know if I could leave a bookstore without at least one new book. Good for you! I haven't read any of your new reads but have been very curious about Baby Teeth and the new Kylie Scott. Have a great week!

    1. They had a Jane Austen book that I was going to pick up for my niece, but I'm pretty sure I already bought her that Word Cloud Classics edition. I was surprised myself that I didn't get something... not even some bookmarks.

  2. I was in Denver this week, too. I went to Tattered Cover twice and didn’t buy anything either time. Poor Tattered Cover. I soak up their air conditioning and rarely buy stuff.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I really liked the coziness of Tattered Cover and that free air conditioning is fabulous. I did notice that they have quite a variety of author signings, I may have to attend one sometime.

      I've didn't have enough time to check out more local shops, you'll have to let me know your favorites so I can make sure to visit those next time I'm in Denver. Have a great day AJ.

  3. I just finished Baby Teeth and oh boy! Was THAT a trip!

    1. When I read the synopsis I wanted to read what was going on with this little girl. I've heard mixed things about it. Have a wonderful day Greg.

  4. Goodness, you visited two bookstores and didn't buy anything? You have amazing self-control. At the least when I go to a store I leave with a coffee and magazine or something! Hope you had fun though, that's what counts!

    I don't read books with hulking hunks with no shirts on the covers, lol, but that's just me, ha. Enjoy your reading week ahead!

    1. Oh Rita, I was surprised myself. I usually do leave with something, bookmarks or at least a journals (use for book lists). Most of time I find a little something for family members.

      Sometimes those hunky hulk books read all the same. I do pick them up every so often nowadays. Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting.

  5. It takes great restraint to go into a bookstore and not come out with stacks of books and an empty wallet lol.

    1. I know right... I think the book buying ban I did at the beginning of the year helped with my purchasing habits. Have a great day Eve.

  6. Book bans sometimes work for me for a limited time and then I crack and go on a huge splurge which ruins all my hard work!


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