Kisscut by Karin Slaughter

Kisscut by Karin Slaughter
Kathleen Early – Narrator
Series: Grant County #2
Audiobook, Duration: 12:39:39
Published February 10th, 2015
by Harper Audio

Saturday night dates at the skating rink have been a tradition in the small southern town of Heartsdale for as long as anyone can remember, but when a teenage quarrel explodes into a deadly shoot-out, Sara Linton - the town's pediatrician and medical examiner - finds herself entangled in a terrible tragedy.

 What seemed at first to be a horrific but individual catastrophe proves to have wider implications. The autopsy reveals evidence of long-term abuse, of ritualistic self -mutilation, but when Sara and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver start to investigate, they are frustrated at every turn.

 The children surrounding the victim close ranks. The families turn their backs. Then a young girl is abducted, and it becomes clear that the first death is linked to an even more brutal crime, one far more shocking than anyone could have imagined. Meanwhile, detective Lena Adams, still recovering from her sister's death and her own brutal attack, finds herself drawn to a young man who might hold the answers. But unless Lena, Sara, and Jeffrey can uncover the deadly secrets the children hide, it's going to happen again...

My thoughts…

Kisscut is a shocking and graphic story, the subject matter of this book was painful and at times difficult to read. If you have issues reading about rape, incest, genital mutilation, pedophilia, child abuse, and/or suicide then stay away from this book.

In Kisscut (Grant County #2), Dr. Sara Linton is now dating her ex-husband, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver. Outside the skating rink parking lot, a young teenage girl threatens to shoot a 16-year-old boy in a standoff. Sara is witness to Jeffrey fatally shooting the teenage girl. A search of the rink turns up a dismembered newborn in a toilet of the ladies’ restroom. Sara's postmortem examine reveals the teenage girl had a long history of abuse, most shockingly, her vagina is sewn shut. Sara's investigation is frustrated at every turn by the silence of the family and friends of the slain girl. But the truth cannot be hidden forever.

Working the case alongside Jeffrey is Det. Lena Adams, herself is a victim of a recent abduction and rape. She is also trying, with difficulty, to come to terms with the brutal death of her twin sister. While questioning the boy who was almost shot at the skating rink, they gradually uncover a horrendous criminal ring involving pedophilia, incest and child pornography. Most disturbing is parents who rape their children before marketing them to strangers for money and then blackmail.

I found myself totally involved in the plot and the characters. Especially Sara, she is my favorite of all, she is smart strong woman and it feels like I’m there at her examinations. Sara is ready to give Jeffrey another chance and it’s obvious that Jeffrey truly loves Sara and is willing to do whatever it is to make their relationship work this time around. Lena, ugh, I haven’t made up my mind on her character. She is headstrong and arrogant, at times I feel bad for her and other times I want to throw a book at her.

Grant County is a series that needs to be read in order, from the beginning, to get the full benefit from the story-line and characters. If you love reading suspense thrillers, you really must give Karin Slaughter a try.

Happy Reading -J


  1. This sounds such a shocking read. I don't think I could cope with those themes, but I'm glad it was a good read for you :-)

    1. This book was a bit more shocking than the others from Karin Slaughter, but I do enjoy her writing. I don't think it would be for everyone. Thanks for visiting Stephanie.

  2. I've read all in the Grant County/Atlanta series by Slaughter (appropriate name for her, lol). This one was particularly graphic as some of her newer books are. In fact I stopped reading her last year and haven't gotten the new Will Trent because I found myself cringing while reading her recent stand-alones. Great storyteller, but she does push the envelope, in my opinion.

    1. I have to agree with you, this book and some of her newest are very graphic. I just finished the Will Trent series and enjoyed it, it's not as graphic as the newer books. I do like how Sara was introduced in the Will Trent series. I'm looking forward to her new book coming out next week, Pieces of Her.
      Thank you for stopping by Rita :) Have a great day.