Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter

Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter
(Grant County #1)
Kathleen Early – Narrator
Audiobook, Duration: 12:11:19
Published February 10th, 2015 by Harper Audio

The sleepy town of Heartsdale, Georgia, is jolted into panic when Sara Linton, pediatrician and medical examiner, finds Sibyl Adams dead in the local diner. As well as being viciously raped, Sibyl has been cut: two deep knife wounds form a lethal cross over her stomach. But it's only once Sara starts to perform the post-mortem that the full extent of the killer's brutality becomes clear. Police chief Jeffrey Tolliver - Sara's ex-husband - is in charge of the investigation, and when a second victim is found, crucified, only a few days later, both Jeffrey and Sara have to face the fact that Sibyl's murder wasn't a one-off attack. What they're dealing with is a seasoned sexual predator. A violent serial killer.

My thoughts…

Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter is the first book in the Grant County series and I’m not sure what took me so long to read it.

Dr. Sara Linton is a pediatrician and works part time as the County Coroner. The part time work puts her directly in contact with her ex-husband, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver, a man she has a complicated history. Sara divorced him after he cheated on her with the town sign painter. Jeffery knows he made a mistake and he wants Sara back.

When Jeffrey’s deputy, Lena, loses her twin sister, Sibyl, in an extremely violent way, it brings up horrible memories for Sara. It's not long before another victim surfaces. Lena Adam is difficult to deal with under good circumstances and she insists on being part of the investigation. The murders forces Sara to work closely with Jeffrey while they try to put a killer behind bars.

All those involved in the case, have some major issues in their personal lives that resurface throughout the course of the investigation. It made the story even more thrilling and interesting. I loved this one from the very beginning and I was immediately hooked. I was able to identify the killer from early in the book, but that didn't stop me. I had to find out why the killer did the things he/she did.

If you love reading suspense thrillers, you really must give Karin Slaughter a try. Karin Slaughter books are not for the faint of heart and be forewarned, she does go into some graphic detail that might be disturbing for some. Even though this book was written in 2002, it stands up well and has made me a bigger Karin Slaughter fan.

Happy Reading -J


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