Review: Running From A Rock Star by Jami Albright

Running From A Rock Star by Jami Albright
(Brides on the Run #1)
Kindle Edition, 288 pages
Published April 11th, 2017 by Jami Albright
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
She’s a good-girl control freak. He’s a bad boy in need of a clean image. Will these opposites attract or self-destruct?

 Scarlett Kelly is the poster child for responsible living. Growing up as the daughter of the town floozy she’s made it her mission to be the exact opposite. So when she wakes up naked and hungover in bed with a bad-boy rockstar, Scarlett bolts immediately. But she never expected him to follow her home… and tell her they’re married!

 Gavin needs to repair his image or his music career will go down the tubes. He’s also just learned he has a son he never knew existed! Gavin wants to settle down, and bribing his new wife to stay married may just fit everything into place.

 Scarlett agrees to the ruse to help her family’s financial troubles even though she can hardly control herself around the rock star. As they search for Gavin’s son, will the cross-country adventure give them exactly what they’ve been missing or send them packing? 
Running From a Rock Star is the first book in a series of comedic contemporary romance novels. If you like zany characters, razor-sharp wit, and unlikely love stories, then you’ll love the first book in Jami Albright’s Brides On the Run series.

My thoughts…

Scarlett has always been the good girl, she doesn’t want to be compared to her wild and crazy mother. One night in Vegas she allows herself of little fun and the following morning wakes up in bed with a stranger. While trying to find her underwear she comes across a marriage license with her name on it. Only to discover the stranger in bed is her newlywed husband and bad boy rock star, Gavin Bain. Scarlett runs home, leaving all that happened in Vegas behind. Scarlett soon realizes what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Gavin and his lawyer find her, after much thought they both agree to stay in the marriage for the time being to help with their own situations.

Gavin and Scarlett did not get along in the beginning, he thought she was a gold-digger and he has a bad reputation that she wanted no part of. Add in the mix Gavin’s lawyer Jack and her best friend Luanne, who is also a lawyer, who argued whenever they were in the same room, it was entertaining. All the characters are extremely likeable, the dialogue between them all was wonderful, it was enjoyable to watch how they all interacted with each other.

I really enjoyed Running From a Rock Star, it was a fun, comical, romantic read. This is book one in the Brides on the Run series and hopefully can read the second book, Running with a Sweet Talker, soon.

Happy Reading - J


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