Review: Complicated by Kristen Ashley

Complicated by Kristen Ashley
Kindle Edition, 571 pages
Published November 7th, 2017
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
When small town Nebraska sheriff Hixon Drake meets Greta Dare, the connection couldn’t be stronger, but the timing couldn’t be worse.
Dealing with the fallout of a divorce he never wanted and setting up a new home for his kids, Hix becomes that guy, that one he never wanted to be, and puts a stop to things before they can even start. Protecting his kids, and himself, is his only priority.

Greta, on the other hand, has found the place for her and the brother she adores that’s perfect for them—a sleepy little town in Nebraska. She’s learned from life that there are no hopes and dreams. The only thing to look forward to is peace. And that’s what she works hard to build for herself and her brother. Right up until Hix walks into her life.

Hix can’t fight the pull and stay away from Greta for long. And Greta’s finding it hard not to hope for something more with all the promise that is Hix.

But when the first murder that’s happened in over five decades rocks his small, sleepy county, Hix has got to learn to trust again, convince Greta to take a shot with him, and at the same time catch a killer.

In other words, things are definitely... Complicated.

My thoughts…

Kristen Ashley has done it again with one of her classic styled romances which includes another gorgeous swoon worthy alpha hero. She is one of my favorite romance authors and did not disappoint. Let me apologize in advance for the long review, I really enjoyed Complicated and there isn’t anything better than a hero going after what he wants, while making amends for the mistakes he’s made and there was plenty in this book.

Greta Dare moved to Nebraska after her own divorce to escape a difficult family situation with her mother. She needed a fresh start for herself and her younger brother that she raised on her own. She loves her small-town life working as a hair stylist and singing at an upscale bar on weekends.

Hixon Drake is the small-town sheriff who is recently divorced after 19 years of marriage. He never wanted the divorcee and is coming to terms with the fact that he is now single. He’s adjusting to his new life and working hard to create a good comfortable life for his three children who are also struggling with the change the divorce brought to them.

It’s at the bar where Greta meets Hixon, of course she knows he’s the Sheriff… it’s a small town and his ex-wife and daughters come into the salon for appointments. Hixon has a surprising strong connection to her, the last thing he needs is more complications. He takes her home for the night and has the best sex of his life. Greta never thought she would have a chance to get to know him or experience the best night of her life as well. Not even with their powerful connection Hixon doesn’t stick around, he considers her nothing more than a one-night stand. His mistakes start by the way he treats Greta.

Living in a small town that everyone knows everyone’s business, that can be both a blessing and a curse. The gossip spreads around town that Hixon took Greta home the previous evening. His ex-wife also finds out and is hurt and disappointed. She may have forced the divorced, but she will not sit by and watch him show interest in someone else, least of all the curvy lady at the hair salon. Hixon ex-wife makes it her mission to hurt Greta by having her friends cancel appointments at the salon, causing her to lose money and hoping she would move to the town over. After all, she only divorced Hixon to get his attention and make a stand, she wants him back.

Greta has an estranged mother who shows up when she needs something, usually money. This was the main reason why her husband eventually left her but, he remains in contact with Greta’s brother Andy. Greta raised her brother from infancy after her mother checked out. Sadly, he suffered a brain injury in a car accident several years ago at the fault of his mother. Andy now lives in a care facility but frequently spends time with his sister. It is beautiful to see how Hixon’s children interact with Andy and how they treated him, it really added to the story.

The pull between Hixon and Greta can’t be easily ignored, he finds himself drawn to Greta again and again. He wants simple and he makes that clear to her from the start, no complications. She wants more, but she gives him what he needs… someone to care for him and he is amazed how sweet and kind this woman is. They keep things simple for a bit until we get the added drama of the ex’s, Greta’s mother and her drug dealer boyfriend, a murder mystery and the entire town watching them with interest.

Once they get themselves sorted with a little help from Hixon’s children on schooling him on how to properly treat a woman, they are on track with a genuine meaningful relationship, the drama is handled brilliantly. Hixon and Greta become a united couple and are committed to each other and nothing can come between them.

Complicated is a great read that is full of everything that Kristen Ashley fans love.

Happy Reading -J   


  1. Yay, awesome review, Jovita. I have a kindle version of this book and have read the first chapter before getting distracted by another book. Yep, it was great. I’m planning to pick it up again soon. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for this book. It’s contagious. 😁❤️👍🏻

    1. I think we all agree with being distracted with another book, it's happened too me as well. Kristen Ashley seems always deliver a good romance, I hope you enjoy it when you do get back to reading it. Have a wonderful day Geybie.

  2. She's a new-to-me author. It's always fun to have a favorite author that keeps delivering good books. I also love small town romances so this sounds good to me. Great review. :) ~Aleen

    1. If you give any of her books a read, I hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Awww. The kids sound adorable! I used to not be a fan of children in my romances, but I'm starting to see that they make great side characters. I love that they helped set their father straight. :)

    1. I was surprised when they were giving their dad great advice. In some books they seem to cause more problems about divorcing parents, in this book they were happy that Greta made their father happy. Have a great day.