Review: Fractured Beat by R.B. Hilliard

Fractured Beat by R.B. Hilliard
(Meltdown #1)
Kindle Edition, 296 pages
Published September 18th, 2016
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

When Grant Hardy, Meltdown’s lead singer, falls off the stage in the middle of a concert while under the influence, his record label has no choice but to step in and take control.

The solution is simple.

Send Grant to rehab and avoid a public relations nightmare by covering it up as a bad case of the flu.

When the rehab facility’s recommendation for extended treatment starts to affect the label’s bottom line, they are forced to find an alternative solution – hire an in-house counselor for the duration of the tour.

There’s just one problem.

Grant Hardy isn’t an addict.

My thoughts…

This was my first read by R.B. Hilliard and I’m surprised I haven’t read any of her books before now. I’m certainly adding more of her books to my tbr list.

Grant, lead singer of Meltdown, becomes ill and staggers off stage, he falls and vomits. He wakes up in a hospital which leads to assumptions from the record label, his manager and his own his band mates that substance abuse is more than likely the cause. After his blood results come back with a high amount of oxycodone, his management tells him that he needs to attend rehab. Grant adamantly denies that he took the drugs, his manager and band mates don’t believe him. He is allergic to oxycodone and suspects someone drugged him, he wants the culprit found and isn’t getting any support from his band or manager.
  “You’re being rude,” she chastised, “and what are you humming? It sounds like Cat Stevens.” I didn’t even realize I was humming but that didn’t matter because I knew right then and there that I was standing in the presence of my dream woman. “You know Cat Stevens?” I asked her. “Yes, I dated him before he died,” she sarcastically replied.
R.B. Hilliard, Fractured Beat

Mallory, an in-house counselor, is hired so Grant can continue with extended rehab while on tour. Mallory want’s to be successful with Grant’s therapy as her career depends on it but, she suspects early on that Grant is not an addict, as she herself once was. Mallory begins to help Grant and his head of security investigate who drugged him and why they wanted him dead. When emotions and feeling for Grant begin to cloud her judgment, she struggles with her past and is afraid to reveal it all to Grant thinking her would leave her, but Mallory is the runner.

“I can’t do this if you’re going to run. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything, but this past week was sheer hell without you. I want you in my life and will fight every day to keep you there, but not if you’re going to run. Do you understand?”   R.B. Hilliard, Fractured Beat

Fractured Beat isn’t your typical rock star romance, yes, the groupies are still there but, you get a little mystery by trying to find out ‘Whodunit’. It took a while for Mallory and Grant to get together, Grant was very patience while trying to get Mallory to trust him and to believe that his intentions were real. The ending was a bit shocking and a surprise once it was all revealed.

Happy Reading -J   


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