Review: Absinthe by Winter Renshaw

Absinthe by Winter Renshaw
Kindle Edition, 336 pages
Published August 6th, 2017
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The name on the screen was “Absinthe.”

But I knew her as the sultry voice blowing up my phone for late night chats about Proust and Hemingway interspersed between the filthiest little … mutually satisfying exchanges ... I'd ever experienced in my life.

We’d never met. 

Until the day she walked into my office, her cherry lips wrapped around a candy apple sucker and an all too familiar voice that said, “You wanted to see me, Principal Hawthorne?”

My thoughts…

Absinthe isn’t your typical student-teacher taboo relationship, this story is so much more.

Halston had it rough growing up, a childhood that no one should ever have to go through. Halston has moved into her uncle’s home to complete her last year of high school at a very prestigious school. Halston is the type of girl that says what she means and makes no apologies for it. To pass her time, Halston decides to try a dating app to talk to someone before school begins, she uses the screen name Absinthe, after her mother’s drink of choice.

Ford Hawthorne is starting his professional career with his dream job. He isn't about to let anything or anyone come in his way of achieving his dreams. Being the new Principal of one of the most prestigious high-school is stressful. Ford uses the same dating app and begins talking to Absinthe, he is instantly intrigued because she is a smart woman who quotes the greatest literature pieces of all time. He has an instant connection with Absinthe, but because of his job he knows that they can never meet. Ford had no idea that the woman who stimulated his mind and body would be someone forbidden.

One afternoon Halston is sent the office after being reprimanded by her teacher. In walks Halston, and the last thing Ford expects to hear is that sultry voice that has been constantly playing in his head. Then she is suddenly repeating familiar words from their conversation back to him.

When the unimaginable happens Ford automatically blames the only person that could have done this to him, Halston. He is so angry that he just moves on. Over the years Halston tries to find Ford and has no luck. Years go by with no contact at all. When Halston and Ford are brought back together, it's not an easy start, a lot of misunderstanding, some very hurtful words and actions that are not forgettable.

Absinthe, the story, was more emotional than I expected. I adored Halston, she was a strong heroine and could overcome so much. I really loved this story even though it wasn’t your typical taboo student/teacher romance, Halston and Ford never crossed that line. My only issue was that I wanted Ford and Halston to have more time together, their chemistry in person was undeniable. Another great read by Winter Renshaw.

“It was never about the student-teacher dynamic,” he says. “It was only ever about you. All I ever wanted was the smart-mouthed girl who quoted Great Gatsby in a world where everyone else quoted Nickelback.”
― Winter Renshaw, Absinthe

Happy Reading -J 

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  1. Oh wow, sounds like a great forbidden romance but what made the hero disappeared and moved on? Hmm I’m curious. Thanks for sharing, Jovita. Awesome review. I’ll check out this one out. 😁❤️