Review: Cinderella and the Colonel by K.M. Shea

Cinderella and the Colonel by K.M. Shea
(Timeless Fairy Tales #3)
Kindle Edition, 316 pages
Published January 2017 by Amazon Digital Services
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Scratching out a living in a land recovering from war and a hostile takeover, Cinderella—an orphaned, destitute duchess—is desperate to save her lands and servants in spite of the terrible taxes placed upon her by the Erlauf queen, even if it means she must don servants’ clothes and work like a commoner.

Her sacrifices aren’t enough, and when a mountain of debt is levied against her, she is given one season to produce the funds. Cinderella realizes it is only a matter of time before she loses everything she has struggled to protect, and it seems that all is lost until she is befriended by the debonair Colonel Friedrich—a member of the Erlauf military and a citizen of the oppressing country that rules her homeland.

From helping her break into the royal library to saving her from a rogue mage, Friedrich draws her closer and challenges her mindset of the queen and the war.

Cinderella knows Friedrich is not all he appears to be, but can she trust him with her country and her heart?

My thoughts…

I really enjoyed this story about Cinderella, it was very entertaining and refreshing. It’s a different version of the classic fairy tale that we all know so well.

In this version, Cinderella and the Prince have a relationship before the ball. When Cinderella first meets the Colonel, it’s hatred because he is a member of the Erlauf military. Erlauf invade Trieux which is Cinderella's country, and now she may lose her land because of the high taxes that the Erlauf Queen is imposing on her. Cinderella has no idea that Colonel Friedrich is part of the royal family.

“Does a person have to act sorry in order to be forgiven?” Friedrich asked. “I know you have encountered cruelty from others, and yet you forgive them.”
― K.M. Shea, Cinderella and the Colonel

I want to avoid spoilers, but it was great to see Cinderella as a strong feisty duchess who isn’t afraid of hard work and standing up against Erlauf. She doesn’t need a Prince to rescue her, she can do that on her own… with a little help from her “evil stepmother.” The interactions between Cinderella and the Colonel were hilarious, and he never gave up trying to win her heart.

“I know everyone whispers he is a rogue, but, Cinderella, surely you must realize he follows you with the loyalty of a dog?”
― K.M. Shea, Cinderella and the Colonel

I’m so happy I read this Cinderella story, it’s one of the better fairytale re-telling of a classic. I’m very much looking forward to reading other Timeless FairyTales by K.M Shea.

Happy Reading -J


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