Review: Illicit by Ava Harrison

Illicit by Ava Harrison
Kindle Edition, 415 pages
Published April 4th, 2017 by AH Publishing
My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I was never supposed to see him again.
One night of passion with a complete stranger.
My last tryst before senior year.
But I was lost the moment his tempting lips were on my skin.
His intense touch on my body. 
It should have ended there.

But he’s not a stranger.
He’s my history teacher.
And wanting him is against the rules.
Off limits.


My thoughts… **Spoilers**

Teacher/student romances are one of my guilty pleasures, of course I was all in when I read this synopsis, but this one just fell flat. I just really couldn't make a connection with either character. I think I’m spoiled after reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover, Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry and I can’t leave out Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard, I seem to compare all teacher/student romance against those books.

I checked Listopia at Goodreads for Best Teacher Student Romance, and I have already read the top 17 from that list and then some. So please, if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

While at a party Lynn (18) walks in on her boyfriend having sex with another girl. She leaves the party to get some fresh air down at the beach, there she meets Carson, a gorgeous and smart guy, unlike her ex-boyfriend. They begin talking, he shares stories with her about the constellations, they take a dip in the ocean, and have a night of passion on the beach. It was supposed to be only night together, when Lynn awakens on the beach in the morning she makes a quick getaway before Carson awakens.

I look down at Carson one last time. I contemplate leaving a note but shake the idea out of my mind. It’s better to just cut my losses. This is for the best. One night, no strings attached. I just ended one crap relationship, no way am I jumping into something else. Why would I bother? As amazing as Carson seems, I’m sure he would disappoint me. Leave me. Eventually, everyone does.

Carson (22?) is shocked when he sees Lynn enter his classroom as a student, this is Carson first day of teaching history at Lynn’s Prep-school. Lynn is equally shocked when she realizes that her one night of passion just became extremely uncomfortable.

I’m so late. Just as I take a step forward, I hear my name being called. “Here, here. Sorry I’m so late,” I say, rushing in. Laughter erupts at God knows what, but I can’t bring myself to care. I’m so disheveled. “Miss Adams, will you please take your seat.” I roll my eyes at the command. That’s what I’m trying to do, idiot. I glare up at my teacher, sure to make an even better first impression. My gaze meets his— And my world stops.

What I’d do to turn back the clock to Saturday night and not have touched— Fuck that. As much as this situation sucks—and Lord, does it ever—I will not regret one minute from that night. Being with Lynn, even if only for one night, was incredible. Why would I want to forget it?

After not making eye contact and avoiding Lynn, Carson can’t deny the attraction between them and Lynn feels the same. They begin talking and later seeing each other, hiding their relationship and being extremely careful not to get caught, until they are not careful any longer. Another teacher, Lauren, is watching Carson closely, because she has the hots for him. Lauren mentions to Carson that she thinks Lynn has a crush on him.

Carson becomes conflicted on what to do and he is worried about getting caught. He notices a college application in Lynn’s bedroom to UCLA and he feels that he is holding her back, instead of talking to her about the application, he decides he needs to end the relationship. This is where my hate for Carson began, not only did he end the relationship with Lynn he started going on dates with Lauren, and wanted to have sex with Lauren to get over Lynn… ugh. Of course, once Lynn sees Carson and Lauren together kissing, she begins taking pills and drinking to avoid her feelings.

Her body presses against mine, and I fall into the kiss, closing my mind completely to what this means. I let it take over. I let myself become lost in her. Because this is what I need. Easy. Being with Lauren is easy. Simple. No shit. No anger. No fear of being caught, or consequences, or repercussions for my actions. I just need to lose myself in the simplicity of this. Not having to give a fuck. Her hands weave their way through my hair then glide down my back. I can do this. This will make me get over Lynn. And I need to get over her. We can’t be together.

Xanax: to be taken for anxiety. If anyone is anxious, it’s me. I grab a pill, then head to my room and hope it makes tonight fade away. I need to drown out his voice. I need to drown out her voice. I need to drown out all the voices.

After Carson came to his senses, Lynn took him back way to easily and quickly, especially after all the pain and heartache he caused her.

“I’m sure I fucked up all chances with you, but I can’t let another minute go by without telling you how I feel. I’m a guy who’s falling in love. A guy who doesn’t give a shit about the consequences. Because the idea of going the rest of the year without you feels like a fate worse than death.”

The drama doesn’t end there, Lynn’s mom is gone most of time leaving her alone while she chases after her next husband. Lynn’s father Ronnie is avoiding her and she doesn’t understand why. It turns out Ronnie is not her biological father and seeing Lynn reminds him of the pain that Lynn’s mother caused him. Her real father is her best friend’s dad, a bit more drama there, but they welcome her to the family. We also have Lynn’s ex-boyfriend trying to get her back, almost raping her and threatening Carson to go public with their relationship. Oh, and Carson also has anger issues, never towards Lynn, but towards the ex-boyfriend. In the past Carson was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Lynn overreacts, and later realizes she was wrong to behave in such a way towards Carson, not giving him a chance to explain.

Drama, drama, drama… which made this book a quick read. This was a 2-star read for me, but I bumped it up to 3-stars because of the cover, the cover model is just gorgeous.

Happy Reading -J


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