Review: Wounded by Abby Brooks

Wounded by Abby Brooks
Kindle Edition
Published March 18th, 2017 by Little Bird Publishing, LLC
My rating 5 out of 5 stars

For every wound, there is a scar.

Raised on fame and fortune, Liam McGuire is a spoiled man-child. His handsome face blinds the world, but I see through it to what he is inside.


When his tour bus rolls off the road, Liam’s rushed to the hospital where I work. A jagged scar runs the length of his face, ruining his good looks and jeopardizing his career. As his nurse, I’m around him more than I’d like, but the more I get to know him, the more I realize the world wasn’t blind to him.

I was.

Liam McGuire feels deeply and loves wildly, throwing himself into everything he does with more passion than I ever dreamed possible. With that intensity aimed at me, the scars slashed across my own heart start to heal. He is fire and I’ve been cold my whole life.

Am I ready to thaw? Or is life better—safer—when I’m cold and numb? 

My thoughts…

This is not your typical Popstar/Rockstar romance novel.
I don’t know if it’s because he’s been famous since he was fourteen and all the attention spoiled him, or if he’s just got asshole in his genes, but it only takes a minute or two of being around the guy to get my hackles up. I don’t care how good looking he is or how well he can sing, if you’re ugly on the inside, you’re ugly on the outside.

Liam is the spoiled pop star, tabloid headliner and underwear model who gets injured when his tour bus rolls off the road, Liam is lucky to have survived the horrific accident. Liam is left with a scar runs the length of his face, from hairline to chin. Brent, Liam’s manager, is desperate to get Liam back to LA for an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get the scar less visible before it can jeopardize his career.

Bailey is the nurse who has the misfortune of getting assigned care for Liam and she is not impressed with him whatsoever. Liam is rude, annoying and very disrespectful to Bailey. Bailey tells Liam exactly what she thinks of him…

“What the hell happened to you?” Liam stares me right in the face and laughs. “It looks like you swallowed something nasty. Face all screwed up. Nostrils flaring. Not your prettiest look, sweetheart.” So much for being professional. “First of all,” I say, my words carefully carved from ice and stone. “I didn’t swallow something nasty, thank you very much. I just get a little sick to my stomach being around you. Second of all, I can barely stand to look at you because you’re an asshole. And third of all, I never liked your music. You can rest assured that’s not going to change now.”

Liam is shocked that Bailey feels that way about him, most of the girls and woman he meets swoon instantly and will do anything to be close to him, Liam sees that as a perfect opportunity. Liam is not going back to LA, he hasn’t been happy with his manager, his music or his mother for a while now. Liam tells Brent that he is not returning to LA, that he will be staying with Bailey. Bailey is stunned by this announcement and then plays along with it, she figures he would find somewhere else to stay while in town. Bailey also mentions that Liam will be building her a patio while staying with her. Brent is flabbergasted, along with Liam, because Liam is no handy man.

Liam was thrust into a life style early on and manipulated by his mother, she should have loved and protected him.

I’m pacing while rage wings through my body, tightening muscles and quickening my breath. No one cares about me. They only care about my face. My body. My image. The fans? Those girls who swear they love me? They don’t give two shits about who I really am. How I really feel. And Brent? My mom? My whole team back in LA? They look at me and see dollar signs. They don’t see how empty I am. They don’t see the nights I lay in bed in some hotel and wish for it all to end.

Bailey had to step up early on to take care of her brother after her parents died in a car accident, which she blames herself for. Bailey was also dealing with the death of her boyfriend after he committed suicide. She was determined to do things on her own and not accept help from anyone, not even Liam.

Liam studies me for a long time. “You know what I see? I see a woman who’s so afraid of letting go of her past that she just digs in her heels and refuses to let anything change. A woman who is so afraid of the pain in her heart, she isolates herself and walks away from the people who want to help. You think you’re being strong? Bullshit. You’re broken and hurting and are too stubborn to admit it. You’re stuck in this house, frozen in time, unable to move on because that would mean you’d finally have to man up and face all the shit that happened to you.”

Liam and Bailey were two broken souls who found their way and helped each other heal. Wounded is an emotional read that will make you fall in love, make sure to have your tissues nearby.

It’s now, sitting at a piano, singing and playing and fighting tears, that I realize I’m falling in love with Liam. That I never want him to leave. That I’m better when I’m with him. That after all these years of struggling, I feel whole again.

Happy Reading -J


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