Fur Baby Friday

This was taken on Toby's 4th birthday just this past March. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but our little guy is blind. When Toby was about four months old when he began having seizures and at the time his veterinarian thought that Toby would eventually grow out of them. Toby still has them and since his seizures are infrequent, once a month or sometimes he can go two months without a one, his doctors advised that medication would not be a good alternative for him. The seizures have affected his eyesight, causing his blindness.

Toby can still see shadows and I think he can see his red toy, because he always seems to find it no matter where it is, maybe by scent, he also has extremely good hearing. We try not to make any changes in the house by moving furniture or making sure the chairs are pushed in under the table, that helps keep him familiar with the layout.

I placed rugs throughout the house so he can ‘feel’ different areas; below the steps and at the top, and near the doors. Toby has no problem going down the staircase in the house, but outside off the deck he was having a difficult time going down, especially after it rained or snowed he would become extremely nervous. I felt so bad for our little guy. My husband spent last Saturday building him a little ramp and what a difference it has made for Toby.

Have a wonderful Friday -J 


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