International Female Ride Day 2017

Last weekend we had a winter storm in Colorado and today the high was 80 degrees. Of course, Bryan and I had to dust off our motorcycles and enjoy the beautiful weather. We rode170 miles, stopped for lunch and a quick photo for International Female Ride Day (IFRD). It was a gorgeous day but this evening my allergies are seriously bothering me.

In the past I would join Mountain Shadow Riders (MSR) on IFRD for a group photo of our chapter. MSR would submit the photo to Women on Wheels (WOW) for the IFRD photo contest. After a few years, I quit participating in the group photo because IRFD turned into this big production for a photo instead of us actually riding our motorcycles together.

What is International Female Ride Day?

“International Female Ride Day is a global campaign for women motorcyclists who own, ride or have access to a motorcycle. The day invites women to “JUST RIDE!”

By participating and riding on this united day women, underline and demonstrate their passion, ability and enthusiasm for the activity. Women participants as well contribute to the activity on this day as well, by building awareness of female motorcyclists.

This worldwide, synchronized unified presence additionally demonstrates to others the fun and enjoyment females of all diversities share in this wonderful activity of motorcycling!

The event occurs on the first Saturday of May each year - around the world!

Women participate by simply being on their motorcycle to "JUST RIDE!"”

Out in the middle of nowhere!

A few photos from the past IFRD with MSR.

Thanks for visiting -J


  1. Wow, you are Awesome! My friend is a motocyclist, too. I always love and admire women who can ride big motorcycles. That's why I love Biker books especially when the heroines can ride a big motorcycle. :)

  2. Awe thank you, I really enjoy riding along with my husband and other women. I'm glad it is something I didn't pass up. I also enjoy reading Biker books and even more so when the female rides her own. Thank you for visiting.