Review: Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

Behind Closed Doors Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Kindle Edition336 pages
Published August 9th 2016

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace: he has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You'd like to get to know Grace better. But it's difficult, because you realize Jack and Grace are never apart. Some might call this true love.

Picture this: a dinner party at their perfect home, the conversation and wine flowing. They appear to be in their element while entertaining. And Grace's friends are eager to reciprocate with lunch the following week. Grace wants to go, but knows she never will. Her friends call—so why doesn't Grace ever answer the phone? And how can she cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim?

And why are there bars on one of the bedroom windows?

The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie?

My thoughts…  **spoilers**

Nothing is what it seems. Jack is not the man that everyone thinks he is.  What goes on behind closed doors would shock their friends and the community. 

Behind Closed Doors opens at a dinner party that Jack and Grace are hosting.  Everything is perfect, the food, the house, and Grace & Jack the perfect couple.  One of the guests ask Grace how they met…

Jack and Grace met in the park one afternoon, while Grace was there with her younger sister Millie who has Down Syndrome.  Grace was dancing by herself and some of the park goers began whispering about her.  Jack approaches Grace, bows and begins dancing with her, Grace is thrilled that Jack was so caring and thoughtful with her sister.  In Graces past relations, most men usually backed off once they realized that Grace is Millie’s primary caregiver.

Jack sets his sights on Grace.  She cannot believe how lucky she is to attract someone like Jack, a successful lawyer who defends abused women, gorgeous and well mannered.  After six months of dating, Jack asks Grace to marry him, she agrees.  Jack also convinces Grace to quit her job and sell her current home. 
Grace is currently in a special school where she lives but she's supposed to go and live with Jack and Grace after she turns eighteen.

They get married, and while on the honeymoon everything changes.  Jack lets Grace know that he never wanted her, and doesn’t find her attractive, he has his eyes set on Millie.  Jack is a sadistic man and loves the fear he provokes from women and he is very much looking forward to bringing out that fear in Millie. 

Grace does not want Millie brought into the sadistic world she lives in with Jack.  She will try to figure out how she can stop it while being held hostage in their home and pretending in front of friends.

The entire time I was routing for Grace, I wanted her to make Jack suffer, like Molly suffered.  The story is written well, overall it was a pretty addictive read and Millie was fabulous, she was my favorite character.  I will certainly read B. A. Paris’s next novel, The Breakdown.

Happy Reading ~ Jovi


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