Kindle Oasis

I’m so excited, it was a fabulous mail day.  The Kindle Oasis that my husband purchased for me was delivered today, Valentine’s Day.

Recently I’ve been having battery issues on my Samsung tablet.  I could only read for about three hours or so before the low battery symbol would appear.  I would then have to switch over to my phone to continue reading.  It was just a pain to have to download onto both devices.  I switched back to my old Kindle (2nd Generation) to have all my books on one device, which also had battery issues.  It would hold the charge for about a week, which is fabulous compared to three hours.  But, it didn’t have all the fun features as the Kindle app or newer Kindles, it was somewhat difficult to read in the evenings with low lighting and when I returned a borrowed book… I didn’t even bother doing it through the Kindle.

I’m sure after hearing me complain for months, Bryan thought a new Kindle would be the perfect gift… and he was right.  It was a toss-up between the Voyager and the Oasis, in the end I decided on the Oasis.  I couldn’t be happier.

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Kindle 2nd Generation & Kindle Oasis


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