Bookaholic Anonymous

Hello my name is Jovi and I’m addicted to books.  For many years, I read only from the True Crime genre, while I was growing up there were always True Detective magazines scattered throughout the house from my mother reading them.  I picked one up and kept reading, I was always fascinated with what made individuals become so evil. 

That all changed in 2008 when I went to see the Twilight movie with my daughter.  She was getting annoyed with me when the movie ended because I kept asking questions about what was going to happen in New Moon.  Finally she said “read the books”… the little shit would not let me read her beloved Twilight Saga.  I purchase the entire saga and then moved onto The Mortal Instruments series by Casandra Clare and that’s how my excitement for Young Adult books started.  

I eventually starting gravitating into other genres, Romance, Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery and Thrillers, Classics and some Erotica.  Towards the end of last year, 2016, I was getting frustrated and fed-up with the Romance genre, it was either insta-love or a tortured past… it was all beginning to read the same.  Don’t get me started on the sex scenes… I was ready to throw my kindle against the wall. This year I decided to take a break from Romance (a read here and there) and get back into the other genres that I truly enjoyed.  I’m looking forward to my reading goals this year and I hope you stay along with me!  ~ Jovi


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