Independence Pass

It's been awhile since I posted anything motorcycle related, today I'm going to share a ride that Bryan, my daughter and I took Saturday to Independence Pass.

Since I received my motorcycle endorsement many of my experienced riding friends told me that riding Independence Pass is a must because it's absolutely beautiful, and they were right. They also mentioned to make it an overnight trip, we rode there and back the same day, 450 miles, it was a long day but well worth it.

The pass is at the summit of the ridge of the Sawatch Range between Aspen and Leadville (Colorado State Highway 82). The scenery at the pass and all along the 44 mile route is some of the most spectacular in all Colorado and the road runs right beneath many great mountains including the highest in the state (14,433 ft) Mount Elbert. I can't forget to mention that the road is very twisty, often narrow, with only one lane in some places and a few switchbacks thrown in there. The summit reaches a high point of 12,095 ft. and it is the second-highest paved mountain pass in Colorado after Cottonwood Pass. Because of the higher elevation, weather only allows the pass to be open for several months of the year. I would like to visit again in the autumn and before the snow falls, I'm sure it's just as beautiful with the changing fall colors.

Independence, Colorado is a ghost town located just west of Independence Pass and served as a mining town in the 1880′s. Because of the harsh and long winters and the bust of good mining opportunities, the town was eventually abandoned, with many seeking better mining opportunities in Aspen and elsewhere.

I only wish I had more pictures to share, once again I had camera problems and had to resort to using my cell, which actually takes great photos. Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Wow!! What gorgeous photos!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! Looks like a great time and so relaxing! :)

  2. Great photos! Hubby still wants me to try again to get my MC license. Ugh the horror of flunking a written test again.

  3. Thanks Vicki.

    Suzanne test isn't really that bad, multiple choice... You can do it! :-)

  4. Gorgeous photos. What a wonderful trip!

  5. My first EVER bike trip was out to Colorado... through Loveland, Estes Park, Rocky Mtn Park, Granby, Leadville, and over to Colorado Springs. That stretch of 285/24, from Buena Vista to Colorado Springs, ties for the top spot on my list of favorite sights/experiences on that trip (other top-spot: Big Thompson Canyon at the entrance of Rocky Mtn National Park). I remember the highway cutting a ribbon through the pass, with meadow off to the north and at least one very old cabin in the midst of the grassland... it was very different for this Iowa girl! Your 450-mile loop makes for an impressive day-trip - looks beautiful!

  6. Stunning landscape. I can almost feel the chill in the air. Makes me wish I rode a motorcycle. :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I haven't riden that yet and would love to still. If I don't make it in a couple of years.. I will RV it! Either way, I want to see it!


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