Love You More by Lisa Gardner

Love You More
by Lisa Gardner
(Kindle Edition, Mystery/Thriller)

Tessa Leoni would do anything to save her six-year-old daughter, even if it means confessing to murdering her husband. Now the child is missing and the state police trooper is the accused in what appears to be a slam-dunk homicide case. Called to investigate, veteran detective D.D. Warren senses something amiss, but as officials race to find the girl, he and his partner (and former lover) Bobby Dodge are forced to improvise almost every step of the way. Another compelling series novel by the author of Live to Tell and The Neighbor.

Love You More is an interesting thriller that is fast paced. Almost from the beginning things are not as they seem and the story is full of twists, some are unbelievable but, it still held my interest until the end.  Tessa Leoni is a fabulous character, she is a determined woman and an even more determined mother who will go to any lengths to save her child.  If you like mystery/thrillers with strong female characters, this one is for you.


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