It's Great to be Back in Colorado

It's been a busy two weeks and now it's time to relax at home. While Riley and Austin were on their two week Spring Break we spent time in Wyoming at my parents and in Illinois with Bryan's parents. It's always a joy to be with Bryan's family and this time we were able to visit with all his siblings, four sisters and two brothers, one of his sisters came in from Pennsylvania and his brother and his family drove in from Wisconsin. Unfortunately with everyone's schedule we couldn't all be together at once. Visiting Illinois is especially fun for Riley and Austin because they get to visit with their many cousins.

While in Illinois I was able to meet up with my blogging friend Sue Berker (Sharing What I Love) and her husband John. I was so thrilled to finally meet Sue, she is just wonderful.We spent the day at the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, lunch at Panera Bread and we had a chance to visit a couple rubber stamp stores before I left back to Belleville. I'm already looking forward to seeing her once again.

I also have a new scrapbook store to visit every time I visit Illinois, the Scrapbook Factory, which is in O'Fallon. I couldn't believe how much product they carry, it was amazing. I was overwhelmed with it all, I knew I just had to come back without Bryan so I could take my time going through each section. I returned the following day, purchased lots of goodies and even took a picture of their Volkswagen.

Time to get creative with my new goodies, thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Oh what a fun trip and getting to meet Susie and John as well! How special! I just got back tonight from vacation and entered into the Hobby Lobby zone while gone...OH MY!

  2. Totally loved spending the day with you. Glad you are safely home. Next time we are south I'm going to have to stop in to the story you mentioned. In 10 days we will be in the Chicago area to celebrate the granddaughter's birthday and she will take me to an Archiver's!! Thanks, again, for driving up here. We need to do that every year!