Ride Like an Animal

Today it was a record high temperature here in Colorado Springs, 75 degrees... of course I had to take my motorcycle out for a ride. It was a good day to get the garage dust blown off. Sorry no pictures to share, I just rode around town and tried to avoid the high traffic areas.

I was actually out and about looking for animals... why animals you ask. This year's Mountain Shadow Riders chapter ride contest is "Ride Like an Animal" and it's pretty simple, just get a picture of your motorcycle with a animal... live animal, location with a animal name, sculptures, street signs... pretty much anything related to animal. My friend Betty and I are going to ride together and rack up points.

Street Glide Repaired

After five months of Bryan's Harley being in the shop getting rebuilt after his motorcycle accident he was finally able to pick it up last week and he was extremely happy to have his Street Glide back. His enjoyment didn't last long, it's back at Pikes Peak Harley... one of the speakers inside his fairing wasn't working and the aftermarket windshield they ordered was the wrong height. Bryan ordered another windshield right away since it took HD weeks to get the aftermarket one ordered... the new one was delivered within three days. Once he gets his bike home he will replace the Hog Tunes speakers and amplifier... his bike is going to have great sound.

If you would like to see Bryan's wrecked motorcycle you can see pictures in this post, Street Glide Damage or if you would like read about his accident you can read this post, Road to Recovery.

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  1. I bet you had a lovely ride today!

  2. I can't wait to see more ride photos! So happy for hubby that he almost has his bike back. :0)

  3. Why don't you ride your Harley up to Lincoln and take us for a ride? :0)

  4. Gotta love those record high temps. I took a peak at DH motorcycle. Yikes.

    Happy trails!

  5. Sounds like he has recovered nicely and is back in the saddle again. DH is chomping at the bit to ride his.

  6. Hi Jovi: Have fun "riding like an animal." Looking forward to seeing what "animals" you end up with. :)

  7. Looks brand new and happy that you two will be back in the saddle. Spring has sprung for you two!


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