All That's True by Jackie Lee Miles

All That's True
by Jackie Lee Miles
(Kindle Edition)

"My life was close to perfect-until my brother Alex got killed and my mother started drinking and my father starting having sex with Donna, my best friend's stepmother, who's not even thirty years old."

After Andi's older brother dies in a fraternity hazing accident, her mother hits the bottle and her father starts sleeping with her best friend's stepmother. Andi, meanwhile, goes through the routine adolescent gauntlet of heartache, struggles with peer pressure, and learning a little about herself and her place in a difficult world.

I did enjoy Jackie Miles’ book, Roseflower Creek, that I wanted to read this book and once again I wasn't disappointed.  All That's True is another beautifully written novel, this time about a young girl coming into her own throughout the midst of tragedy, family drama, and teen issues.  The author does an excellent job capturing the strength of an adolescent and I would recommend All That’s True to anyone who enjoys coming of age novels.


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