I had such a busy day and wasn't sure if I would get my WOYWW posted today. I forgot that I had a dermatology appointment to get my face burned... okay well not really burned, I had to my reoccurring laser treatment for my Rosacea. I was rushing to get to the appointment on time that my stamping plans were pushed back... way back.

Finished my appointment as red as can be, came home and put together homemade dough for Calzones that I made for dinner... yummy. Finally this evening after moving computers I was able to get back to some of my stamping projects.

Here is what my desk looks like this evening. I'm currently working on this week's Clean & Simple sketch challenge. I'm using some Close to My Heart floral stamps, which I have plenty of... I love flowery images but I'm not good at creating cards using them.

WOYWW 23 Feb 2011

Just a close up of what I'm stamping. I broke my Sweet Leaf stamp pad, the hinge snapped off... I tried taping it which isn't working very well. I guess I'll just have to order a new one, which is great because I like the style of the newer pads.

WOYWW 23 Feb 2011

On the other side of my room I have a huge cord mess. Last August I gave my daughter my bigger HP laptop and purchased a smaller red Dell which I absolutely loved. Since I moved my stamp area upstairs I hated having a desktop and laptop taking up space. I refused to use the Dell desktop because it was so slooow it drove me nuts! I gave my son the red laptop and I purchased a new Dell desktop for me. My darling husband has been very busy this past week moving files from desktops and laptops. Now I'm stuck with a huge tangled cord mess... at least until tomorrow.

WOYWW 23 Feb 2011

Make sure to stop over at Julie’s blog Stamping Ground to see more links to WOYWW participants or you can always join in the fun. Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Hmmm...I am trying to find any sign of candy stash...you always seem to find mine LOL! (I see one of those frappie drinks tho!) It will be so nice when you get all your things move exactly where you want them, won't it! I have tons of floral stamps, and don't have much of a clue on how to make a great card with them...

  2. Beautiful desk area - I'm envious! I have Rosacea on my nose - will have to talk about your treatment when we hook up next month.

  3. Can't wait to see what you are creating. Oh and...I spotted the Starbucks...yum!! ;0)

  4. Those are lovely and delicate stamps, and will be great for the clean and simple challenge. Hope you are having fun with your new Dell; there's nothing quite like a new PC or laptop, as the technology seems to advance so much each time you buy.


    PS Think I can smell lovely homemade calzone from here...

  5. I think your flowery stamping looks beautiful, I'm pretty sure your card will turn out just as beautifully.

  6. Beautiful stamps Jovita! I had a snoop through your card posts too...gorgeous! Is that Grover I see on a shelf?
    Susan xxox #16

  7. nice desk space you have there - I am sure your flowers will turn out beautifully.

  8. I was a bit worried when you said you went to get your face burned! It's amazing what can be done with lasers isn't it?

    I love the little doggy on your computer screen, is that one of yours? such a cutie, xx

    Oh and your card is beautiful, the yellow & green are perfect springtime colours, xx

  9. Oh we all suffer that wire and cord disaster - it drives me nuts, if I had the money, we'd go completely wireless! Lovely to see spring peeking out from your table!

  10. Hm.
    No fun.
    Being flushed sucks.

    I know these things.


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