Time to Relax

Every four months my piano instructor hosts a piano party. It’s an opportunity for her adult students that don’t participate in recitals to get comfortable playing for others. I stress the entire week before my performance and this week was no different. I played my piece (Moonlight Sonata (Op. 27, No. 2) by Ludwig van Beethoven) first; by playing first I was able to enjoy the others and not spend the entire time worrying about my performance. Once I started playing I was able to relax and focus, and I actually played better than I thought I would... now that I have that over with I can relax again.

After my scheduled lessons in February, I’ve decided to take a break from piano lessons for awhile. I’m going to continue to play and practice at home, I want to spend more time developing my sight reading… which I still struggle with. My piano instructor has been wonderful and has provided me with plenty of sight-reading exercises and I will eventually return to her for further instruction.

16th Street Mall Piano
While in Denver last month we came across this piano, there is actually nine pianos that sit every block or so along the 16th Street Mall. Each is painted with bright, playful colors and natural motifs by local artists, the pianos invite anyone to sit and play, which Riley did. If the temperature wasn’t dropping that day I probably would have taken photos of each one that I was able to find… maybe in the spring I’ll take a motorcycle ride to Denver for piano pictures.

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  1. I remember when I was a little girl taking piano lessons and when my final recital came due, I faked being sick. I really disliked having to play in front of others and to this day, only a few people have ever heard me play. I'm at a very elementary level, still. But, for me, it's a kind of therapy. What a cool thing in Denver - love this photo. But what do they do when it rains or snows?

  2. My piano lessons lasted until I had to explain to my Mom why I had lines of scabs across my knuckles....when I hit a wrong key, my instructor would give a nice crackle with a metal-edged ruler. I sooooo wanted to be George Winston, too Ü
    And how can I live in Parker and not know about those pianos downtown?! You can bet we'll look for them next time we're there!

  3. So pretty...I just bought some DP at Michaels that looks like this exact print LOL! Would love to see pics of all the other piano's some day!

  4. That is so cool!! I have a friend who plays...quite well in fact...and would love that! :0)

  5. And you play the piano, too! A women of many talents. :-)

    Love the concept of the decorated pianos in the mall for anyone to play.

  6. I wish you had been able to video your performance. I'd have loved to have heard you play. I have my cello recital (adult students only) coming up in two weeks. I know what you mean about the stress.

  7. i dont know about music but this piano looks soo beautiful!!


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