Stamp Room

After seven years of having my stamp area in our unfinished basement, this past weekend I made the move upstairs to our spare bedroom which we used as our home office. In the basement I was able to expand my area or move to any location that I liked and in the past years I did move quite frequently, which was great. But, I felt isolated from the family being down there alone and it didn’t help that I don’t particularly like basements.

Initially I planned to make the move over the summer. Last Thursday, Bryan suggested going to Home Depot to pick what supplies I would need to make my move over the weekend, I was so excited and surprised. Bryan is so good to me, I wouldn’t have been able to get finished all that I did without his help and I felt so bad because at times he was in such pain (problems with his hip since his motorcycle accident). While Bryan was resting, Riley and Austin practically moved all my supplies up to the second floor, if it wasn’t for them I’m sure I would still be carrying rubber stamps up the stairs.

What my basement stamping area looked like before my move. Bryan installed a fake wall sometime ago so that I could hang an ink pad holder and ribbon storage.

This is the large storage cabinet from Lowe's that I used to store my wood mounted stamps, 12x12 & 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock/designer paper, clear stamps, punches and misc, I just recently added more shelving to the unit (the unit will remain in the basement). I use two cubes (8 drawers) to store my unmounted from The Angel Company and Stampin Up.

This is my new stamp room, before painting. I had already taped off the ceiling and filled the holes before I decided to take pictures. I’m keeping the large desk; it’s huge, heavy and a pain to move.

Here it is all painted with everything moved from the basement, now I just have to organize it.

I removed the closet sliding doors and shelving, Bryan is going to install wire Closet Maid shelves for me this weekend.

I will post more photos once I get everything placed where I like it… I’ll have to be creative considering the area will still be used as a partial home office and I’m sure I’ll move things around a few times before it’s workable.

If anyone has any great storage solutions for ribbon, please pass it along (links to pictures would be fabulous), I’m leaning towards not using the ribbon holder that I was previously using.

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. YAY! This looks GREAT! Looking forward to seeing your final reno photos. Your basement space was terrific, but I can understand feeling isolated from the family. Woo hoooooo...looking forward to seeing your artwork coming out of your new digs!

  2. Oh cooooool! What an awesome space!!

  3. That's what I call a serious hobby! And what a great space.

    Happy creating... :)

  4. You are going to have an amazing room Jovi!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished room!!! :0)

  6. That L-shape desk will make a fabulous creating space. At least I think so :p Have fun making your creative space purty!

  7. Oh so much work but it will be awesome when you get it all done......