Rotary Trimmers

I mentioned to Bryan on Saturday that I was going to purchase a new paper trimmer… he asked “How many paper cutters do you need”?

These are the trimmers that I have. My first paper trimmer that I purchased was a Fiskars Rotary Trimmer (dark gray), it worked wonderfully and I still use at times for scoring my cards. I quit using it sometime ago for cutting because I could no longer find the replacement thingy that the blade cuts into. I purchased my second Fiskars trimmer (light gray) and after a few months of use it would no longer cut a straight cut. I contacted Fiskars to ask if I could purchase a new bar for my cutter, Fiskars sent me a free replacement trimmer (the black one), great customer service. Riley and Austin were using the light gray trimmer for their projects (which wasn't very often) and I’ve been using the black one for a few years now, but it was time for change.

I wanted something more compact that would take up less of my work area. A few weeks ago while at Hobby Lobby I came across the Making Memories Precision Paper Trimmer, it folded out to 12x12 which I liked. Purchased it, brought it home and unboxed it, made my first cut and hated it. When I pushed the blade across the bar, it was like fingernails on a chalkboard, Jake and Toby ran out my stamp room when they heard the noise. I did some research online about it, apparently you have to adjust the blade when this happens (which seems to happen quite often) and some even have to oil the trimmer bar. I returned it.

I went back to Fiskars. I purchased a Fiskars LED SureCut Folding Rotary Paper Trimmer
(with a Michaels 40% coupon). I love it! It takes up less work space when fully open, it also folds in half, the cuts are fantastic and it has a LED light to show where your cut line is.

Now I only need one paper trimmer and all the others will be given away, the one that was replaced will be trashed.

Hopefully I'll have a card to post tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by ~ Jovi


  1. What will they think of next? a LED light...pretty cool. I have the SU! guillotine cutter that I love (but wish I had a 12 inch working surface) and a making memories small cutter for fine cutting that I could not live without!

  2. Paper trimmers are really important tools for paper crafters. I used my Stampin'Up! one made by Fiskars for 4 - 5 years before I finally bought a large Tonic guillotine one, which I love. The only drawback with that one is that it's too large for my immediate crafting area so when I want to do something right where I'm working I still use my dumb old one and most of the time the edges are not clean and I have to sand them. I use the Tonic one for cutting card bases, though, because I know they will always be straight.

  3. That sounds really cool! I have a Tonic guillotine cutter. It is Hugh, but I love it. I have a smaller your purple/blue one in the photo...for making smaller cuts. Don't really love that one, but I only use it occasionally. Enjoy the new cutter! :0)

  4. Can wait to see what is coming up next! I've been needing a new cutter for a while. I have run into the same problems that you have with finding replacement pieces.

  5. I'm so glad you were sent a replacement. I think I'll write memoriemaker (I think that is the name) because my cutter broke after the 2nd use.