Primal Wound by Ruth Francisco

Primal Wound
By Ruth Francisco
(Kindle, Mystery/Thriller)

A young woman sets out to find her birth-mother and uncovers a family saga of deceit, insanity, and murder.

When Cicely Scott volunteers to be a kidney donor for her father, she is shocked to discover she was adopted. Suddenly she has lost herself, her history, her identity, her family. But she gains something else. She is free to become whomever she wants to be, informed neither by genetics nor family, but by her own set of ethics.

Cicely leaves her privileged life in San Francisco to find her birth-mother, a frumpy beautician, who lives with her family in rural New Hampshire. Cicely spies on them, insinuates herself into their lives, and befriends her half sister. But her birth-mother is terrified when Cicely reveals herself.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Homicide Inspector Val Picard tries to track down the murderer of a young preschool teacher who worked with Cicely. Soon Cicely becomes a suspect.  Lies and betrayal lead to the ultimate crime—murder.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it is a gripping and disturbingly good tale.  The book leads you through both stories of the police investigation and Cicely’s search to find her birth-mother, slowly revealing details until everything fits into place.  The only I disliked, I would have liked to see Cicely give her cheating boyfriend what he deserved.


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