Chicks On Bikes by Christina Shook

Chicks On Bikes
By Christina Shook
(Hardcover, 155 pages)

This collection of images and stories is a fascinating and intimate dive into the lifestyle of women motorcyclists. The young, the old, the beautiful and the ugly, the tough and the delicate, the wild the sensible, brave and gentle, the factory worker and the corporate leader - united in the spirit of motorcycling. In these pages you'll find insight into how these women face risk and how they thrill to speed. They find beauty amidst grease and wind. They form sister hoods of like-minded women from outlaw style clubs to Christian riders. Here you'll hear tales of adventure and journey. You're invited for an up close stare at the amazing women who ride. They are both ordinary and extraordinary.

I would have enjoyed this more if the stories of the ladies featured were a bit longer than a paragraph or two.


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