100 Books in a Year ~ Reading Challenge

My reading goal for this year is to read 100 books. Last year I read 55, hopefully I can do better this year! I will be joining in with the Book Chick City’s reading challenge for fun! The rules are simple:

• Read 100 books by 31st December 2011
• Only print books & ebooks count – (no audiobooks)
• Any genre counts!
• Twitter tag: #100booksinayear
• You can join along anytime

I will continue to post my monthly reads along with reviews, if you like, you can follow my updated reading list by visiting this page, 2011 Reads.

If you want to participate in this challenge as well just click the link above or the button in the sidebar. Thanks for visiting & happy reading ~ Jovi


  1. I wish I could read that many! I'm reading "Decision Points" right now and enjoying it.

  2. Yippee! I don't know that I will make it to 100 either, but I am gonna give it a go! Can't wait to find some new reads through your list and the others too. Happy reading! :0)

  3. 100?!?! I read 64 last year and don't think there is any way I could read 100 unless I count the kid books I read to ds. Good luck with that goal.

  4. Whew...that's a lot of reading girl! Good luck!

  5. Oh my word, Jovi! I just read this post and I signed up! Your enthusiasm is contageous. I'm in. I don't know if I'll reach 100 or not, but really, there is nothing to lose in trying and everything to gain.

    Thanks for posting. If you don't mind, I'm going to add a book time line link thingy to my blog too. I love that idea. You're so smart!

  6. Tracy ~ Thanks for posting about this challenge, I'm looking forward to seeing how many I can actually read.

    Suzanne ~ You should join in... kid books would count, I may up end up reading The Diary Whimpy Kid series!

    Jennifer ~ Of course I don't mind that you add a time line... I'm happy you joined, I'm sure I'll pick a few books from your list of reads.