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(Warning: Long Post)

It all started for me in 1997, a good friend invited me to a Stampin’ Up party and at that time I had no idea what stamping was or what I was getting into. My collection slowly grew by visiting local stamp stores and attending stamp gatherings. Shortly after that we moved to California (military move), I remember searching for rubber stamp stores in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara and it was such a delight when I found one. While there making handmade cards was a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. A couple years later we made the move back to Colorado and my stamping came to a halt. I really didn’t have a need to make handmade cards since I was once again close to family and friends and I didn’t know about online stamp groups. I gave everything to my niece… stamps, inks, cardstock, papers, embossing powders… everything.

About two years later, in 2001 when we bought our house, I discovered that my next door neighbor was a Close to My Heart demonstrator. Shortly after that she started a stamp club with fellow neighbors as members, it was a wonderful opportunity for us ladies to gather and get to know each other while creating. In the beginning months of our club I kept my purchases to a minimum because I was undecided if stamping was something I wanted to commit to, plus Bryan wasn’t too thrilled that I joined a stamp club after giving away my first collection. Later, I also joined a monthly Stampin Up club alongside Close to My Heart… my commitment to stamping lasted until 2008, that was the last year that I attend any club.

Those of you that read my blog regularly know that by the end of 2008 I started losing interest in stamping; in 2009 I made a total of four cards… and that’s when I said “My Goodbye to Stamping”. I just didn’t have the ambition to make anything, but having this time away from stamping/stamping forums and some blogs, made me realize that I wasn’t having fun anymore because I was too busy trying to keep up with all the latest and greatest products, techniques and challenges. I didn’t think I had the ability to continue alongside other stampers.

Throughout this year I slowly began clearing out extra supplies, instructional videos, magazines, old catalogs, and in essence packed up my stamping area. A few weeks ago I was determined to downsize my collection even more, and eventually throughout this upcoming year I would have everything gone. That didn’t work out like I planned, once I started going through those cute little critters, I couldn’t do it. Instead I put those aside and began clearing out other sets from SU, CTMH & TAC, I’ve already sold a huge lot of SU cardstock and a few SU sets.

I felt relieved to have the excess gone, so relieved that this last week was spent moving furniture, cataloging, and organizing. Why? Because I’m going to start stamping again, and this time I’m going to do it for the fun of it!

This is my sell stack, the sets in jewel cases are unmounted Stampin Up and The Angel Company stamps. I also have a wood mount Close to My Heart and various single stamps. I have a great stamping friend who is selling all this for me.

This is my keep stack, most of these are sentiments from SU and TAC, it also includes sets that I won in demonstrator contests with The Angel Company.

My SU cardstock keep stack, the lot I sold was about the same in height. I did keep all my CTMH & Bazzill cardstock… love that stuff.

Toby was so exhausted watching me clean and organize that he took a nap on the loveseat I have in my area.

Thanks for visiting and thank you for sticking with me the last couple of years, hopefully I will have a card to share soon. ~ Jovi


  1. Oh, Yaaaayyyyy!!! I've always ADORED your stamping and will be so excited to see your creations!!! I have undergone a similar thing with my stamping collection. It began with John's stroke in July and my daughter and granddaughter "organizing" my stamping area for me. (They got rid of lots of stuff.) I've had no motivation to dive back into stamping but, just like you, after having gone through all of my stamps multiple times, there are some I simply cannot sell. The other thing I did was to commit to NOT buying anymore stamping supplies, except adhesive, for one year (from last August) and I've had no problem keeping to that. I really have no need for more gadgets, supplies, etc. I have plenty to keep me going for a few years. I am DELIGHTED that you are going to bless us with your art. Don't keep us in suspense too long - ok? :0)

  2. Hurray! I'm tickled pink to read this post and I can completely understand your feelings over the past years. In fact, this past summer I almost (note: I said almost and not the definitive) sold my stamps and accoutrement. I did step aside from the two design teams and forums. Like you, it was not fun. It had become pressure: not fun, but pressure. So I just let everything sit behind closed doors.

    But my reply isn't intended to be about me...I digressed. YOU, my friend, are talented and your creations always spoke of beauty as well as love. I had kept my fingers crossed all of these long months hoping you'd reconsider.

    So to you I say, live in the moment and do what you love! I have kept a special card you sent me smack, dab, in the middle of my bulletin board as inspiration. In fact, I kept very few cards from the past, but yours was one that I couldn't let go of.

    Looking forward to continuing to read about your motorcycle trips, piano lessons and book reviews. And now, I'll be chomping at the bit to see your artwork too.


  3. I am so, so, so very happy to hear that you will be creating again. I miss your cards so much!! I can totally relate though. I have gotten away from stamping and blogging too. I was in my stamproom tonight making up some Christmas cards...I actually had fun. I have to just do it for me...forget about the challenges and contests and just stamp! Have fun and I can't wait to see what you create!! :0)

  4. Stamping is not something I'm that familiar with, but I can see how it could become quite addictive. Not to mention fun. :)

    I clicked through to your Goodbye to Stamping post. Just love the card!

    Have you read the romantic suspense, Not What She Seems by Victorine Lieske? Vicki has a business making rubber stamps: Victorine Originals

  5. Jovi I could have written this exact post. As a matter of fact I did write one almost worded the same about why I didn't want to stamp anymore back in July 2009. In the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about pulling out some stamped images and coloring them...I haven't yet but I've definitely thought about it. Amazing what a break will do huh.

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  7. Susie, Jennifer, Tracy & Suzanne,
    It's strange that us seasoned stampers have similar experience about why we gave up stamping for a bit... who knew that a hobby such as stamping would have so much pressure associated with it! For the future it's all about fun and like Jennifer said "live in the moment".

    Vicki, I'm currently reading The Scarlet Letter and I have a feeling that Not What She Seems would be perfect after finishing Hawthorne... it's already downloaded. Thanks for the link to Victorine Originals, I'm off to see her catalog.

  8. Jovi, I was in an online HM group with you years ago and for some reason you came to mind so I searched Splitcoast to see if I could find a gallery. Somehow I saw a link to your blog. It's good to see your Happy Hoppers cards as they remind me of the HM cards I received from you. I have lost and found my stamping love again since knowing you. I'm finding new favorites in forgotten stamps - it's been fun.
    Deb Matovich