Labor Day Weekend

It’s taken me almost two months to get this ride posted… better late than never!

We had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend and enjoyed a ride in Wyoming. While Riley and Austin were out shopping with grandma and the fur babies were enjoying running the acres with grandpa, Bryan and I took a 260 mile ride.

Our destination was Saratoga (WY) for lunch at Snowy Mountain Brewery. From Laramie we took Snowy Range Road (Hwy 130), which was designated the Second National Forest Scenic Byway in the United States, beginning in 1920, it took 6 years to complete and was called the "Great Skyroad". The Snowy Range Scenic Byway drives through the heart of the Medicine Bow National Forest and is sprinkled with crystal blue lakes and jagged gray granite peaks, Medicine Bow Peak (12, 013 ft) is the highest point in the Medicine Bow Forest and is immediately adjacent to the Byway. From Snowy Range Road's highest point (10,847 ft) pass is Libby Flats, there you'll have a stunning view of surrounding peaks and on a clear day a view of Colorado ranges to the south.

As we were leaving the summit of Snowy Range my camera battery died, unfortunately I didn’t get any more pictures. I would have loved to get pictures of inside the Snowy Mountain Pub and of our passing through Woods Landing (Jelm, WY) … it was just beautiful there.

It was a wonderful ride despite the windy conditions and my allergies were absolutely horrible for most of the trip. Hopefully I can make it back to Snowy Range next summer when a beautiful array of wildflowers can be seen from early June through July. Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

Taken going west on WY 210 (Happy Jack Rd) - Cheyenne, WY

Built in 1872 the Wyoming Territorial Prison, Laramie
Wyoming Territorial Prison

Centennial, WY on Snowy Range Road (Hwy 130)

Summit (10,847 ft)

Libby Flats


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