Knife Music: A Novel by David Carnoy

Knife Music: A Novel
by David Carnoy
(Kindle Edition)

Shortly before hanging herself from a shower head, 16-year-old Kristen Kroiter wrote in her diary about having sex with 43-year-old Ted Cogan, a senior trauma surgeon reputed to be a playboy. The doctor treated her in the hospital after she drove her father's Volkswagen Jetta over a curb and struck a telephone pole a few months earlier. Arrested for contributing to Kristen's death, then suspended from his job, Cogan begins playing gumshoe to clear his name. He eventually tracks many of the case's weak underpinnings to a fraternity at nearby Stanford University.

Knife Music is a good, interesting mystery and for the most part held my interest.  The pace slowed at times with the descriptive details being too excessive and I didn’t particularly care for the multiple transitions from the past to the present.  The author does a great job of creating characters you like and in this case dislike, most of the characters in this book are vividly drawn and easy to believe.  The ending came out of nowhere, not anything that I expected… a shocker.


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