Accident & Street Glide Damage

Bryan still doesn’t remember anything about his motorcycle accident, which is probably a good thing not to remember. That day he was riding to Bishops Castle which is in San Isabel National Forest, a gorgeous ride. As he was coming home he turned off of CO165 onto CO96, he was coming out of the last curve and crossed over into the other lane and apparently hit some large boulders. The Sheriff who responded to the accident said that there were only tire marks just before impact. She suspects that something caught his eye on the side of the road and he just fixated on that object.

Bryan was calling our insurance company from his hospital bed to make arrangements as to where he wanted his motorcycle repaired. Two weeks after his accident his Street Glide was towed from Canon City to Pikes Peak Harley Davidson. We were able to stop in and take pictures and hopefully by Monday he will know the full extent of the damage.

If you like, you can view more pictures in my flickr album: Street Glide Damage.

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  1. Oh my! Lots of owies. Hope he is still improving and feeling much better.

  2. It took many years before my husband remember much about his motorcycle accident. My husband always says there are 2 types of riders: those that have been down & those that are going down. As long as they learn something from an accident that they heal & walk away from then he says they will be better riders for it.

    Hope Bryan is still healing & will be up and riding again soon!

  3. Wow! I just read about the accident. I am sure glad he is home and mending with you. On the not remembering aspect of this... I was told by the ER nurse and others, that when a motorcycle accident comes in... they sometimes give them a drug not to remember. I know that sounds crazy, but in a way, I am glad they do. I have hear that from doctors and nurses. Keep us on the up and up.

  4. OMG! I'm glad Bryan can't remember the accident. The brain is truly extraordinary.

    I had to chuckle, though, when you said that he was calling the insurance company from his hospital bed...

    I hope both he and the bike are well on the road to recovery.

  5. I found this article while searching for the Bryan Kloess I went to Grade School with in Belleville, IL I do not know if this is him but we are having our 35th class reunion in a couple of weeks. Would like to here from you if this is the Bryan we know. If not I still hope you have a full recovery and are able to experience all that life has to offer yet. Best wishes.

  6. Hi Ken, I forwarded your comment to my husband, yes he is the same Bryan that you know from Belleville. Do you have any contact information or a link where he can go to find more information about the reunion?