Lookout Mountain

Even though I love to ride my own, it’s nice once in awhile to ride on the back of Bryan’s bike. Riding on the back I can sit back and relax, take in the scenery and snap a few photos along the way. On Saturday, Bryan and I rode to Lookout Mountain (West of Denver). Lookout Mountain is one of the larger foothills which overlook Golden to the North, high peaks of the Continental Divide to the West and the Denver metropolitan area can be clearly seen to the East. Its earliest know inhabitants were the Ute American Indian tribe, who used the mountain as a lookout point upon the surrounding region. It is known for its natural scenery and is famous for the grave site of Buffalo Bill.

"Buffalo Bill" Cody, who spent his final years living in Denver, was buried at Lookout Mountain Park on June 3, 1917. Louisa, who had married Buffalo Bill back before he became famous, was buried next to her husband four years later. It is disputed whether Cody was buried here by his own request or by coercion. In 1921 the grave site was joined by a Pahaska Tepee (large and rustic wooden lodge) which houses the Buffalo Bill Museum.

After leaving Lookout Mountain we made our way down into Golden on the very twisty Lookout Mountain Road. We enjoyed lunch a few blocks away from Coors Brewery and then home. It was an enjoyable 200 miles… although I think Bryan needs to invest in a Mustang seat, the Sundowner wasn’t all that comfortable!

More pictures can be seen here, Lookout Mountain August 2010.

High peaks of the Continental Divide

”Buffalo Bill” Cody Grave Site

Denver Metropolitan Area

Golden, CO – School of Mines and Coors Brewery

Twist-ies, Lookout Mountain Rd (darn guardrail, ruined the photo)

Riding with Bryan

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  1. More great photos! Thanks for sharing...I always love to see your bike adventures. :0)

  2. I'm so glad you posted these here with dialog. I enjoyed them on your Facebook but loved them here with description. Beautiful photos.

  3. BEAUTIFUL photography. Your ride sounds wonderful. This is a ride Paul frequently says, "one day we will ride there.......!"