Motorcycle Parade

Recently, Will Rogers Elementary (in Colorado Springs) celebrated 50 years of educating children and in the schools honor they had an outdoor ceremony. Each classroom made projects around the theme of "50", some children built fifty mini-rockets to fire off out in the playground area. The event organizers thought it would be great to get fifty motorcycles to ride in a parade around the school, the children will be outside to experience the motorcycle parade and all the "noise". The Mountain Shadow Riders were invited to attend the celebration.

On the day of the parade it was chilly and snowing (off and on), but a few brave souls came out and thrilled the children at the school. Our good friends and BCA supporters, the Zebulon Cruisers, showed up with 8-10 as well, 15 motorcycles total… which one MSR member said "The kids will remember it as a hundred..." The children were more excited to see the motorcycles drive up into their playground than the rockets they were firing off just before we got there. We did get a lot of smiles from the children and teachers at the school.

More photos can be seen in my Flickr Collection, Mountain Shadow Riders 2010. Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

the Zebulon Cruisers

Rogers Rocks

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