Boulder Tea Ride

Saturday a small group from the Mountain Shadow Riders battled high winds (40+ mph) for a trip to Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, CO (230 miles round trip). We took a tour of their facility where they make all their teas, this is the only plant in the entire world where they mix and package their teas. Celestial Seasonings is the largest specialty tea manufacturer in North America. They serve more than 1.6 billion cups of tea every year, and source more than 100 different ingredients from over 35 countries to create their delicious, all-natural herbal, green, red, white, chai and wellness teas.

After the tour we made our way to downtown Boulder to enjoy lunch at the Dushanbe Tea House. The Dushanbe Tea House was created as a gift to the city of Boulder, Colorado, from its sister city Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, in 1987. At the time Tajikistan was a part of the Soviet Union, as the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. Forty artisans from Tajikistan handmade the teahouse over a period of two years, took it apart, and then packed the pieces into about 200 crates to be shipped to Boulder. The trades used by the artisans were passed from generation to generation within families, such as the use of nature, and repetition of patterns, descendant from traditional Persian design. Also, no power tools were used in the original construction of the tea house. Since we enjoyed our lunch on their charming patio, I didn’t get many photos of the inside. More photos can be seen in my Flickr Collection, Mountain Shadow Riders 2010.

A much need break from the wind, a stop in Sedalia

Being silly in Sedalia (Me, Kelly & Taunya)

Celestial Seasonings Plant in Boulder, CO

Tea tasting, Teri & Carrie

Dushanbe Tea House

Part of the ceiling inside Dushanbe Tea House

Betty waiting for lunch

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  1. Jovi...this looks like a perfect day to me! There is a place close by that used to grow tons of stuff for Celestial Tea...don't know if they still do or not. It is a small world! Thanks for stopping in today!

  2. What a fun, FUN trip that must have been. I love reading about it and seeing everyone's smiles.