March a Crazy Month

I’m finally getting around posting my March Reads or should I say March Read, I only read one book. I was really looking forward to joining Katrina’s Spring Reading Thing; I just didn’t have time to pick out books that I wanted to read for the challenge, now I have to wait until the Fall Challenge.

March was a crazy month for my family. My grandma fell down her stairs and broke her pelvis. After spending a week in the hospital she is now in Assisted Living for about three months until her pelvis heals and then she’ll be able to go home. The sad thing is she also suffers from Alzheimer’s and can’t remember her fall or why she’s there, she constantly asks to go home. My nephew was involved in a rollover accident and was ejected from the car. He fractured his neck, broke his collarbone and numerous ribs and his left side of his face was unrecognizable. Last week he had surgery on his neck and is recovering. And then… my dad found out he has two large blood clots on his lungs (pulmonary embolism). His oxygen level has been low for quite some time, in January he had x-rays taken and two spots were found, the doctor suspected it was just scar tissue from pneumonia. His oxygen level was still low in March; they did an MRI and discovered that the previous spots were actually blood clots. The doctors are now working on dissolving the blood clots and he will be on oxygen for a few months. I told you it was crazy!

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  1. Oh goodness - that's a lot! I hope things will get better, now.

  2. Oh goodness...things have to get better!...I have to tell you my daughter has a third arm now...called a Kindle LOL! I always send on your book recommendations to her!

  3. My goodness Jovi you sure had a month didn't you. I hope that April is proving to be a better one for your family.

    I know what your family is dealing with concerning your grandmother. My grandmother has Alzheimer disease too. She has been living in a nursing home for the last couple of years. She broke her hip with her first fall and then the falls started coming more often. It finally got to the point that she just wasn't able to stay at home. I hope that you grandmother will heal quickly and be able to return to normal.