The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Kindle Edition)
It's also a love story, of sorts, the narrative of Gatsby's quixotic passion for Daisy Buchanan. The pair meets five years before the novel begins, when Daisy is a legendary young Louisville beauty and Gatsby an impoverished officer. They fall in love, but while Gatsby serves overseas, Daisy marries the brutal, bullying, but extremely rich Tom Buchanan. After the war, Gatsby devotes himself blindly to the pursuit of wealth by whatever means--and to the pursuit of Daisy, which amounts to the same thing. "Her voice is full of money," Gatsby says admiringly, in one of the novel's more famous descriptions. His millions made, Gatsby buys a mansion across Long Island Sound from Daisy's patrician East Egg address, throws lavish parties, and waits for her to appear. When she does, events unfold with all the tragic inevitability of a Greek drama, with detached, cynical neighbor Nick Carraway acting as chorus throughout.

I found it impossible to enjoy this book, I struggled to get through it and found it quite boring.  I confess that I did have extremely high expectations especially since The Great Gatsby is considered one of the greatest American novels, a classic masterpiece… I think it’s overrated.   I really didn't care about anyone in this book; the characters weren’t memorable as in other classics.  I just don’t get… Why is Gatsby so great?!


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