First Ride of the New Year

This past Sunday I went on my first ride of the New Year. I didn’t ride along with the brave MSR members last weekend on their first ride. I had all intentions on riding with them until I saw the thermometer… 25 degrees at 8:30 was too chilly for me, but after our chapter meeting the temperature was close to 50 degrees, they had a thrilling ride.

On my ride Sunday we stayed local and it was fairly warm (mid 50’s) until the sun disappeared behind the clouds... then it was a little chilly. It was wonderful getting my motorcycle out, now it’s not so dusty lol.

Bryan rode his motorcycle wearing his after surgery boot; he still had pins sticking out of three toes... true biker or just crazy?!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. goodness...what a crazy diehard...both of you LOL. I do have to admit I took my doggie out for a nice walk when it hit 50° sort of felt like summer!

  2. I went for a walk this morning at's gorgeous out there,enjoying the cold and sun!!
    Your hubby must be a true biker indeed,going biking with pins in his toes,,,,ouch!!!

  3. We got our bikes out Saturday too but we had to break up the ice at the end of our driveway and then at the end of our street so we could get out! We are in Thornton Colorado and you are right - it was nice when the sun was shining!

  4. I would definitely say a little of both!! ;0)

  5. I think I'm going to say he is crazy but I guess true biker works too...LOL.