2009 Mileage

I started keeping track of my riding mileage in 2007 when I received my motorcycle endorsement and it’s time for me to add up my mileage from 2009. From January 09 – December 09 I rode only 3,993 miles… and at least 2,000 of those were from our Utah/Arizona trip…. I’m really disappointed!

Starting mileage: 12,784
Ending mileage: 16,777

Hopefully the weather will hold out for next weekend, the Mountain Shadow Riders are planning our first ride of the New Year, a short ride to Florence (CO). Bryan and I have already started talking about our next long haul… we’ve talked about Sturgis, maybe Montana; I would like to ride to Washington and Oregon. For now I can just hope that 2010 brings me great weather for riding!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Oh come visit me in Oregon! Maybe you could touch your toes in the ocean if you continued on a while longer too! 4000 miles sounds like a lot to me girl...I have to drive about 1 mile to work, so I don't travel too far hehehe

  2. Hope you are having a great start to your New Year!! OMG...Sturgis...have fun if you go there!

  3. Darlin', if you and Bryan ride to Sturgis I want you to promise me you'll keep your shirt on! Hey...I've seen photos of the gals in Sturgis! LOL Of course, I recall a post of yours a year or two ago when you were riding up the highway and the wind caught your shirt and well...I'm sure Bryan enjoyed it!

    Happy New Year, my friend. I'm looking forward to reading about your motorcycle adventure and being inspired by you!