Mt. Evans

Yesterday I rode to Mt. Evans, 258 miles, seven hours, the entire time just me… and loved it. Mt. Evans is the highest paved road in North America, elevation at summit 14,240 feet. It is one of 54 fourteeners (mountains with peaks over 14,000 feet) in Colorado, and the closest fourteener to Denver. I just have to mention that my carbureted Low Rider had no problems at that altitude.

In the early days of Colorado tourism, Mount Evans and Denver were often in competition with Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs. After a toll road was built to the summit of Pikes Peak, Robert Speer, mayor of Denver, asked for funds to build a road to the summit of Mount Evans. Construction began in 1917 and finished in 1927. As of 2009, the Mount Evans Scenic Byway leading to the summit overlook is the highest paved road in North America.

I was a little disappointed with the view from the summit, there was a lot of haze from the California wildfires, but I was still able to get a few great shots. I would love to go back sometime after Memorial Day to get pictures of the surrounding snow topped peaks.

I was originally going to ride to Mt. Evans this past Sunday with a group, but, after waking up to cool temps, along with fog and drizzle… the trip was a no go. I’m glad I was able to make time to ride yesterday because on September 8th CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) will close the top five miles (just above summit last) for the 2009 season.

Summit Lake

Mountain Goat


Crest House (also known as Summit House), burned on Sept 1, 1979 and was not rebuilt, but the rock foundation and wall remain.

The view from the summit, there was a lot of haze from the California wildfires.

After leaving Mt. Evans I took CO103 to CO74, great decision… that route was fabulous.

I have more photos of my ride posted at Flickr, thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Jovi,your photos are just fabulous. Glad you had a nice trip - but can I be your mother for a minute - I don't like you riding that great of a distance by yourself! What if something happened? Beautiful country. John and I found that last year on our trip back from Washington State, going through Wyoming and Colorado, it bothered our breathing. Gorgeous country, though.

  2. Hi Susie, thanks for commenting.

    When I mentioned to Bryan that I was going to Mt. Evans, he asked "who you going with"? He would have been happier if I was going with a group... just in case anything happened. I can be stubborn at times. ;)

  3. Wow that was quite a ride by yourself. I can understand your hubby's concern. I really need to get busy learning to ride again. I have been such a sloth this year.

  4. that pic of summit lake looks like a postcard! What beautiful scenery!