Lunar Eclipse

Maybe after a few years of piano lessons I will feel confident with my playing to post a video, until then I will just share some videos from You Tube.

I found this wonderful video of a talented young lady from The Piano School, who is playing the piece Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse is the piece that I’m currently working on, I just need to memorize it and then I can move onto my next piece, which is Carol of the Bells.

Once again this is NOT me playing, enjoy ~

Do you believe I actually thought about stamping last night? I’ve stopped taking the sleeping medication that was prescribed to me (it was no longer working), so now that I can’t sleep… I was going to pull out some House Mouse & Penny Black stamps and trying a few challenges. Practicing the piano late at night while everyone is sleeping isn’t a good thing. I didn’t make anything, but I thought about it.

Until next time, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day ~ Jovi


  1. oh, oh, oh...maybe some day. Sorry to hear you are not sleeping tho...that is not a good thing.
    I am at work, so will have to listen to this at home LOL!

  2. I'd love to hear you play. I'd also love to see some stamping that you've done. Sorry you can't sleep. I have sleep issues, too, but since we've been visiting in Washington State I've been sleeping much better.

  3. Hi Jovi, Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece. I would love to hear you play it and was really excited to hear that you almost stamped! I'm sorry you are having trouble sleeping...try some Chamomile Tea. Hugs Lori

  4. Hello Jovi,

    Hey I'm in Colorado Springs right now, But we're leaving in the morning to head home.

    I haven't had much time to get online. She wished I had the time to have met you. Maybe next time I'm out here we will meet.

    Take care of yourself. And enjoy your stamping time.

  5. Jean it would have been great to finally meet you. Let me know when you make it into Colo Spgs again. I hope you enjoyed your visit. :)