Sunday's Ride

Last weekend I spent a few hours riding with a group from Mountain Shadow Riders. Our original ride plan was to visit Bishop Castle, due to the road conditions those plans changed. A couple weeks ago the road that that leads to Bishop Castle (Hardscrabble Pass CO 96) was chip sealed and there has been numerous motorcycle accidents along that stretch due to loose gravel. We decided to avoid that area completely and ride a shorter (110 miles) route.

We left Colorado Springs going north on Hwy 83, cut across to Castle Rock to Sedalia and then back to Colorado Springs on CO 105 with at stop in Palmer Lake at O’Malley’s Pub for a lunch. This is a route that I have taken numerous times.

While at O’Malley’s we met a really nice lady that was riding from Aurora, Nancy. Nancy was wearing a ruby red sparkling helmet, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers (Wizard of Oz). We were all so intrigued by her helmet, as it turns out she makes them… she adds Swarovski Crystals to the helmets and sells them. She can cover the entire helmet, or do flames along the side or she would do which ever design a customer would like. Her business card didn’t have a web address, but if anyone is interested I have her email to pass along (just use the Contact Me tab above). Maybe we will see one of her pink sparkly helmets up from auction at this year’s MSR Breast Cancer Awareness Ride!

If you would like to see more pictures… click HERE ;)

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi

Cat at O’Malley’s

Carolee wants a pink Swarovski crystal helmet!


  1. Looks like y'all are all having so much fun! If I ever pass the test for my MC license I think I'm going to have to get or make me one of those pretty sparkly helmets. :o)

  2. Looks like a great day. Love that sparkly helmet.