Day 8 -- Destination: Falcon, CO

Day 8
Destination: Home – Falcon, CO
Riding Miles: 210

A couple hundred miles from home… this was a route that Bryan and I have taken many times. As we left Gunnison it was another cool morning for a ride through the mountains, I was trying to stay warm traveling up Monarch Pass. Monarch Pass is the point where US-50 reaches its highest elevation, at 11,312 feet. I’ve forgotten how twisty Monarch Pass is. Riding along US-50 was beautiful as usual, we saw many rafters enjoying their day on the Arkansas River. Once we arrived in Pueblo we took the quickest route home, I-25.

Burr… Monarch Pass

Arkansas River


  1. I so enjoyed your wonderful pictorial trip...thanks for sharing!

  2. The photos are beautiful! Sounds like you two are having so much fun with all this riding.

  3. Great pics. I also live in Colorado and dream about taking a long ride through the mountains on my bike. One of these days I will be ready. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration!