Day 3 -- Destination: Torrey, UT

Day 3
Destination: Torrey, UT
Riding Miles: 193

Just a bit outside Blanding we stopped at Natural Bridges Natural Park, since it was close to Blanding we got there at opening and we were one of the first in the park. The Visitor Center was very interesting, I enjoyed reading about how natural bridges form.

We considered taking a ferry across Lake Powell, I’m happy we decided not to. It would have meant we would have missed out on one of the best scenic routes we rode, UT-95 and UT-24. The route wasn’t mountain twisty but very scenic, we went through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area which was gorgeous; around every turn was a completely different view. This was one of my favorite routes of our trip. Some areas had deep canyons, others had huge rock formations, and later we rode through the canyons.

Once we left Glen Canyon the landscape opened up with huge gray formations in the distance. As we approached Capital Reef National Park the gray rock formations became closer and we began to see more reds and greens added to the formations and as we drove deeper into the park the shades of gray and green disappeared.

Natural Bridges National Monument

Taken from UT-24

Capitol Reef National Park


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