Day 1 -- Destination: Moab, UT

Day 1
Destination: Moab, UT
Riding Miles: 435

Our first day on the road wasn’t very eventful. Our plan was to get to Moab as quick as possible so that we could spend the remainder of our trip visiting national parks and monuments. Highway driving on I-70 though the mountains brought cool morning temperatures, until Glenwood Spring, CO. Once there it was hot as crap and was above 100 degrees until we reached Moab UT. We started lathering on sunscreen on the western slope of Colorado and lathered it on a couple times each day of our trip. Good thing we did or we would have been burnt to a crisp; Neutrogena SPF 100 is awesome! I was surprised when we arrived in Moab; I was expecting a bigger town.

We made it to Utah!

Welcome to Utah

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  1. Jovi, I have this picture of bacon in the frying pan...ouch!