Sunday's Ride

Sunday was a wonderful day to ride with friends. Along with my sister and brother in law we met Karla, Christine, Sandy and Phil for a jaunt to Buena Vista, CO. Karla led the way and took us from Penrose (CO115) onto some back county road that led us into Canon City. I don’t think I would be able to find that route again. Once again it was exciting to ride US50 going west out of Canon City. US50 runs along side of the Arkansas River and you can usually see whitewater rafters taking a trip down river.

After stopping for lunch in Salida the owner of First Street CafĂ© (also a bike rider) gave us directions for a back way to get to Buena Vista, somewhere along the way we missed a turned and ended back up onto US 285… lol. Can’t give Karla a hard time since our directions went something like this… “When you see the old school house with a chain link fence turn left.” It took a while to actually find that old school house… oh well, maybe that would be a route for next time.

When leaving Buena Vista the skies looked pretty dark, rain showers were all around us and the temperature was getting cooler. Karla promised me she would pull over once we neared the rain so I could get raingear on (I didn’t want to be wet and cold)… Karla (the tough chick) would have just ridden through it! As we began to put on our rain gear it began to hail… ugh. All geared up we continued on our way along Hwy24 once we made it up the hill onto Wilkerson Pass (about an entire two miles) it stopped, no more rain. I thought for sure we would get drenched… we did have a huge dark cloud with lightening next to us the entire way to Woodland Park. Once we made it to Colorado Springs, we found the first exit and stripped out of our raingear… we had a good laugh about it.

In total we rode about 263 miles and I had a wonderful time. Sandy, who was riding on the back with Phil was kind of enough to take pictures of us along the way, here a some to share.

My sister and brother in law, Esther and Donald.


Me, Jovi

Our group, downtown Salida, CO


Sandy and Phil


  1. Love riding vicariously with you! Wonderful photos. You're one brave girl. I could never do what you do.

  2. I had a guy offer me to ride his Yamaha (Harley look-a-like) and I refused because I was scared. That bike is heavy as heck compared to my 750CC sportbike. The lean angle is very narrow, them foot rests would scrape. I didn't want to wreck his bike, riding that Big Bertha bike. He turned it on and damned there vibrated off the thing. No sir I don't want to ride it.