Full Moon Ride

Saturday, my sister, brother in law and I met up with a group of Mountain Shadow Riders (MSR) for a full moon ride. I’ve been inviting my sister to come along on group rides so she can get more experience riding with a larger group. She does great in a group of three or four motorcycles, this group had about twelve riders. No such luck, once again she showed up riding on the back of her husband’s bike!

While our group gathered to discuss our route, ride positions and hand signals our lead Carolee, let me know that I would be riding next to her… I’m sure she didn’t want another “threading the needle" incident to happen on this ride. I was okay with riding second, I actually like that spot since I’m so use to riding next to Bryan.

As we were making our way to Monument for dinner our group was split due to traffic lights and mechanical issues (waving hi to Betty). Once we all arrived in Monument we met up at La Casa Fiesta… and it was yummy. As we were leaving the restaurant the sun finally began to set and we took I-25 back to Colorado Springs. Taking the Interstate home was a much safer route than the more scenic route we took to Monument (Hwy 83), we didn’t want any critters jumping out at us in the dark.

We didn’t get much of a full moon ride in, I actually didn’t see the moon until I was a few blocks from my house… but we still had a great ride. Until next time thanks for stopping by ~ Jovi


  1. Sounds like great fun, Jovi.

  2. Tat sounds like fun. I need to buckle down and study the handbook so I can go get my permit soon.

  3. Sounds like a fun ride, even though the moon didn't cooperate. I hope your sister feels comfortable enough to ride in a larger group soon. I was intimidated the first time I did, but it was such a rush!