Riding Side by Side

Even though I haven’t blogged lately about any riding, I have been out and about (posting about running errands on the motorcycle isn’t all that exciting to share).

Yesterday I had the chance to ride with my nephew and sister. My nephew took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course a couple weeks ago and now he can to get his M Endorsement on his driver license once he turns 18, until then he has a year of riding with a motorcycle permit. Yesterday I led him on his first ride out of the neighborhood and he did great. My nephew looked pretty excited when I stopped to take a picture of him and my sister… he had thumbs up and was ready to get riding again.

I’ve been practicing riding side by side. Why have I been practicing riding side by side? I was planning on taking a trip next week with Karla and Christine to Gallup, New Mexico to join in Run for the Wall (RFTW). The RFTW trip begins in California and takes ten days to reach the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. For the last four years Karla has done the entire route, this year she is only able to do partial. Well, the RFTW pack rides in side by side formation, I’ve only ridden staggered. After trying it a couple times with Bryan I didn’t feel confident so I backed out of the trip… I’m so bummed! I was really looking forward to participating in RFTW and riding again with Karla and Christine. My goal for this summer is to get comfortable with riding in side by side formation for the next RFTW. One year I would love to do the entire route…

Until next time, thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Oh, I think the whole trip would be so much fun...shoot for the moon girl!

  2. You go girl friend! That is so exciting! You know you are my roll model! :)

    Great shot of nephew and sister.

    Wow...reading your post makes me even more excited to get out and ride. It has suddenly turned quite cold, but I know it won't be long until I'll be riding. This has to be the longest winter here! LOL

    Oh how excited for you I am about this trip. Now be sure to keep us up to date!


  3. How exciting for your nephew! I just completed my course - took one through a local HD dealer and I'm going to get my endorsement this week. I've only been out around the neighborhood a few times - it's been cold still...but so fun!