Caught in the Act

Toby was caught in the act chewing the plastic protective covers of my pianos pedals… I was hoping to keep those on for awhile to protect the brass from getting scratched. Thanks to Toby the covers will be removed sooner than expected. I’ve forgotten how much puppies love to chew on everything!

While I practice piano Toby likes to take a nap underneath it or he lays his head on the pedals and sometimes I have to nudge him off when I need the sustaining pedal. Piano lessons are going wonderfully even though I’m still struggling to read music. I’m so bad at reading music that my instructor allowed me to temporally write the notes onto my sheet music, which is something she doesn’t like… one day it will all sink in (at least that’s what I keep telling myself)!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on Unchained Melody, it’s a more advanced piece for my beginner level and I’m glad my teacher approved it… I was getting bored with the beginner pieces (like Fire Fly). I’m pushing myself harder to learn this piece since it is a song that I enjoy. The first week I worked on the melody, last week it was the chords with peddling… now just putting those together is taking time. I’m sure I’ll be working on Unchained Melody for many weeks to come. Back to practicing I go…

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. I totally had a hard time reading music...I think it was a touch of my right/left dyslexia...(I need an R and L on my shoes LOL) I took for about 6 months before my first born, and never got back to it. She is 31 now YIKES! I still have a piano tho and Cole loves to plunk on it. I hope he can take some lessons when he is old enough!

  2. Any chance of you doing a video of yourself playing for us? I'd love to hear you. Serious!
    Toby is so cute. It would be hard to get mad at him.

  3. Now don't inhibit Sweet Toby's interest in music! Toby is just trying out music fact I do believe that Toby is just devouring music! LOL

    So good to hear about your piano lessons too. (Toby is so cute I just want to smooch his nose!) Did I tell you that I have a recital for my cello on June 21st? YIKES! I have to play a solo as well as a trio with two other cellists.

    I want to see more photos of Toby. He is sooooooooooooo cute!

  4. Wow, my hats off to you for learning the piano!! I have an electric one that I dabble with from time to time. I do know how to read music, so I just have to learn where to place my fingers when playing. I do fine till I get difficult pieces and my fingers trip over each other, lol.

    Toby is sooooo cute. I don't envy you the chewing, lol.

  5. Oh, I forgot to wish you and your family a happy Memorial Day weekend :)

  6. Such a cute picture!! Glad piano is going well!

  7. Toby is such a cutie :)

    My Merlin (an Australian Shepherd) is almost 16 years old now. When he was a youngster he loved to sing. When my daughters practiced any kind of music - piano, flute, clarinet - Merlin would always sing along. Funny thing is that he only likes to sing to live music.

    I think it's wonderful that you're learning to play the piano. isn't it amazing how hard we will work and practice at something we love doing?