Infiniti FX35

As Riley and Austin have out grown sharing the back seat with Jake, who is over 100 pounds we decided that we need a vehicle were Jake could have an area for himself. As much as Austin and Riley love Jake they couldn’t handle having him lay across them when we brought him along for rides… which is often because Jake loves going for rides.

We wanted something smaller then our F150 Super Crew and larger than the Grand Prix, a crossover, which seem to be pretty popular these days. My sister recently purchased an Infiniti G35 sedan and I was impressed with all the comforts that her vehicle had I wanted to check out what other vehicles Infiniti offered. After browsing (Nissan Murano, Lexus RK10, Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX), reading reviews, and test driving a few in the end we decided on an Infiniti FX35… boy do I LOVE it!

If you’re in Colorado Springs and you’re ever in need of an Infiniti, Saab, Land Rover, Cadillac, or Jaguar I would highly recommend Red Noland of Colorado Springs. They have wonderful customer service… best we’ve ever experienced from a dealership. I had to bring my car back Thursday to have LoJack installed, they gave me a Jaguar as a loaner… wow. The Jaguar was fun to drive, although it was a bit embarrassing being stared at while at stop lights… bringing attention to myself is not me!

Thanks for visiting ~ Jovi


  1. Very pretty! Enjoy the new ride. :0)

  2. I saw one of these on the freeway today and was admiring it...didn't know what it was...what a coincidence!

  3. Lucky girl. I've always wanted an Infinity.

  4. Very nice! You get use to the stares. I know because hubby drives a 1994 Jaguar. I try not to drive it often though because it sits so low to the ground.

  5. Nice vehicle Jovi!

  6. Jovita,

    Thank you for your business. We really hope you enjoy your new Infiniti. Please let us know if you need anything. :)

    Colter Lillich
    eCommerce Director
    Red Noland Auto Group