Twilight DVD

Did you get your Twilight DVD? If so, how many times have you watched it?

Friday night I took Austin, Riley and her friend to a midnight release party at our local Wal-Mart to get our DVD's. While waiting in line I took the time to browse over the camera selection… ended up coming home with a couple Twilight DVDs and a new camera (I’ll post more about that later). The kiddos enjoyed the Twilight cake and all the hoopla that went along with the release, they especially enjoyed staying awake until 3 am watching it… we were so exhausted Saturday. ~ Jovi


  1. I love all four books and the movie. Can hardly wait for the next one (either book or movie). My daughter is 46 and went to a neighborhood Twilight party last weekend.

  2. Read all the books (loved them all) but have not seen the movie yet. Not one that I think I will buying but maybe I'll rent it to watch.

  3. Love, love, loved the books. Have not seen the movie. I am always leary of watching the movie when I love the book so much. What do you think? Worth buying it?

  4. After all you and my daughter have told me, now I must get it. Better yet, I need to read the books first! My nightstand is buried high in books these days but I will get to them all eventually! :)


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